Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Start Here

Do you ever just need a starting point? Sometimes we know what the end goal is, but we don't know how to begin. I know I want my house clean and ready for Christmas, but knowing how to begin is daunting.

When trying to lead a Christian life, Romans 8 is a great beginning point. As I read it today, I am further convinced that Valley Mission is where my energies should lie. However, I kept thinking things like, "After report cards are finished," or, "After those two articles get written today, if I am not too tired."

It seems like good intentions won't be enough. I need to schedule a time to gather the items to give away. That is my beginning point.

Jessica is a fifth grade teacher and beginning freelance writer. She is the wife-extraordinaire to Josh and mother of two year old Devon. When she isn't teaching, mothering, cooking, cleaning, or writing, you can find her locked in a quiet room reading.

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