Monday, December 5, 2011

Following Orders

While I am still not in a Christmas mood, I will follow orders.

In 1 Samuel, Saul does not follow the orders given by God through Samuel. Because of this, his army must fight without weapons.

I learned the importance of following orders as a young child. My parents taught me well. One of the orders I feel compelled to follow is to raise my son by teaching him the true meaning of Christmas.

We aren't wrapped up in decorations or parties this year. We aren't going big on the celebrations. However, my son and I made cookies this weekend, and yesterday we took him to see Santa. I feel that a belief in Santa helps them understand the omnipresent God when they are older. As long as SAnta is not the FULL focus of Christmas, I feel that it is an okay belief.

We may not be perfect parents, but my son will learn about the advent wreath and he will go Christmas caroling with our church. Come Christmas morning, we will be in church for a communion service. The Christmas spirit may not be in my heart, but the Holy Spirit is!

Jessica is a fifth grade teacher and beginning freelance writer. She is the wife-extraordinaire to Josh and mother of two year old Devon. When she isn't teaching, mothering, cooking, cleaning, or writing, you can find her locked in a quiet room reading.

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